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How-To: Properly Size Fusible Link Wire

The electrical center, or fuse block, is protected by one or more fusible links. These short, multi-stranded, wire segments are ultrasonically welded or crimped to the wire(s) being protected. In the event of an unexpected high-current load, the fusible link wire will melt within its fire-proof insulation. In general, a fusible link is four numerical AWG sizes smaller than the wire it is protecting. However, the 1982-1992 Camaro and Firebird are examples of where 16 AWG fusible link wire is used to protect 10 AWG wire; that’s a difference of six numerical AWG sizes. When replacing a fusible link, it is always best to look at the GM wiring diagrams for the harness you are working with to properly identify the correct fusible link size.

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